Model Releases

Every model gets to sign one of these

These are the model releases I use when shooting with professional as well as amateur models. Each one is tailored to a particular need. You are free to download and adapt them to your own personal use. It’s a good idea to consult your local laws and regulations and make sure the model release you use will adequately protect both you and the model. 

Professional Models in a Commercial Shoot

I use this release for every single commercial shoot I do with agency or professional models. Sometimes the client or the agency will insist on using their own release, in which case I won’t use mine. Otherwise, this release gets signed before every session begins. No release, no shoot. It’s as simple as that.

Reciprocal Release

I use the reciprocal release when shooting “TF” (Time For…) sessions. This covers the fact that there is no money exchanged and that both the model and I can use the images for our own promotion. The release explains clearly what the model can and cannot do with the images. Again, this release must get signed before starting the session. I always make sure the model has fully understood the release and the limitations on what they can do with the pictures.

Simple Short Release

I use this release when shooting events or street photography when I don’t have time to meet the subjects beforehand. It’s very simple and short, so I can quickly get subjects to understand that they are giving me the rights to publish and use the pictures.

Mini Model Release

I use this release when shooting masses of people or when I’m really short on time. It prints as four bilingual releases per page, which you can cut to quarter-page individual releases. I carry a pile of these in my photo bag, ready for any spontaneous circumstance. It’s very important to explain to the person what the release means!