The Renaissance Project

Glory and Decadence of the 17th century

A rich Baroness lives in an immense castle deep in the forest in the suburbs of Paris in 1743. An existence of unbelievable affluence, but also, of incredible boredom. In a life without any challenges, can Art save your soul? Or will you inevitably fall prey to the superficial pleasures of the senses?

Our Baroness hires two beautiful ballerinas to entertain herself and her concubine. Heart pounding, the dancers rehearse in silence, anticipating their moment of greatness. They perform flawlessly in the great ballroom, bathed in the creamy afternoon light. The Lady is pleased and invites the dancers to more intimate performances. How can they turn away from such power and influence? But in the end, will they be satisfied, or are these merely empty pleasures?


Models: Claudia Vezeau, Catherine Fouquet, Yban Vilanueva
Dancers: Esthel Racine & Meaghan Price
Styling and costumes: Vanessa Borris & Cynthia Lauzon
Makeup: Patricia Lapointe & Juliana Lomov
Assistants: Jo Gorsky, Eliane Domanski & Monique Guilbault
Video: Mateo Cassis & Liliana Ortiz
Shot on location using Elinchrom light sources and modifiers.

Behind the scenes:

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