Quietly, Clara

Slow and easy flow

At first I thought she was tired, or maybe pissed off at something. But no, she was in a pretty good mood and rested. She simply has this ability to quickly reach deeply within herself, to navigate to that ocean of calm each of us has somewhere inside but that is, for most of us anyway, elusive and almost foreign. So I didn’t have to say much in terms of directions. She mostly took over by just letting herself free in front of the camera, surrendering her soul and her body to the soft jazz playing in the background, losing any sense of time and identity. She moved slowly but deliberately, following the path of her instincts, oblivious to the flashes and the noise of the camera. I just stood there, trying not to break the spell, holding my breath and shooting one gorgeous frame after another. And then she suddenly sat up, looked and me, and smiled. That was it, the shoot was done. The only thing I could think of saying was “Thank you”.

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