Perfect Form

Big blue-green eyes that sparkle with the joy of being alive and free. A powerful, flawless form. Needless to say I was speechless. Immensely grateful and speechless.

In the warehouse

She turned out to be much taller than I had anticipated. Much taller and so much prettier, too. Trust me on this one: she's the real deal.

Quietly, Clara

Her soul was a quiet and deep ocean of expression.

The Zebra Shoot

It was hot as hell outside. The only option was to stay inside, strip down and lie quietly in the dark with the shades pulled all the way.

The Mechanic

Fletch is the real deal, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Behind the scenes of Renaissance

An inside look at the preparation and technical aspects of this major shoot.

The Renaissance Project

A wealthy Baronness, beautiful young ballerinas, a sumptuous castle deep in the forest.

A nymph on the rocks

What can you do on a torrid summer day except take off your clothes and enjoy the heat?

A study in white

How would you, the viewer, react to a completely white, naked body?