A Study in White

Purity is a matter of taste

Color is tricky. It definitely influences how you see and interpret the world. It can even influence what you see and don’t see. In this study, I wanted to explore how a white body paint and makeup could change the viewer’s perception of a subject. When I say perception, I not only mean visual perception, but more importantly emotional perception. In other words, how would you, the viewer, react to a completely white body? Let me know your feelings in the comments below. Model: Joanie Darveau Makeup: Patricia Lapointe Shot in my studio using Profoto light sources and modifiers.

Behind the scenes:

Note to self: talcum powder makes a mess. It also takes a long time to settle back down. Like, several days…


Model: Joanie Darveau
Makeup: Patricia Lapointe
Assistant: Monique

All photographs are © Copyright - Richard Blouin. All rights reserved worldwide. No reproduction without authorization.